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Most FCW supporters know about our collaboration with Turner Prize-winning artist Gavin Turk. But we can bet that most people would be surprised to hear of the outcome of the project for one of our stitchers.
K is an exceptionally talented embroiderer who is among the handful of stitchers who contributed to the Gavin Turk/Fine Cell Work collaboration. Anyone who has seen the exquisite stitching the prisoners produced, on show at the Ben Brown Gallery in Central London until 20th April 2012, can bear testament to the hard work and skill that has gone into each and every piece.
For such a prestigious and high-profile project, the men and women of Fine Cell Work were naturally paid a little more than usual. They did, after all, have to learn a stitch from scratch that does not even exist in the UK! And for K this meant a very important and romantic decision. He has told his volunteers that he is going to use the money he earned from the project to get married. He said that for him it is a way of proving to the mother of his children that he wants to start being a proper dad to them.
Of working on the project, K wrote to say: “I feel quite proud to have been involved in the project, so thank you for allowing me the pleasure of involvement with it. [..] As always I’m quite happily stitching for FCW most nights (on a baby cushion right now) and I’ll continue to do so for as long as you’ll have me.” We are so happy for him and wish him and his family all the best. Above all, his story says so much about the value of creative, purposeful and paid work in prisons.
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  • pete
    15 March 2012, 21:59

    The stories from inside always make tears come to my eyes. The work of FCW is so worthwhile and is making such a difference.

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