Kevin's story


On behalf of all the guys here, I would like to take this moment to say thank you to everyone who has made Fine Cell Work possible.

We would like to say a massive thank you to our volunteer for all her hard work and giving up a lot of her own time in providing us with work even when it is very limited at times. Also we are very grateful for all her support and motivating us when we need it.

We would all like to say how grateful we are for having Fine Cell Work, because it’s not just a chance for us to earn a bit of extra cash, it means much more to us.

For some of us who have no other source of income it’s a way for us to maintain communication with friends and family. For some of us it’s a way to use our time wisely and to be pro-active. Also it’s a chance for us to learn and gain new skills and to be creative.

The other thing that we all can say is that we all do find a feeling of calmness and we all do come together to help and support each other, just like a family and these two things are so rare to feel and find in prison. So once again we are so grateful for everything you all have done and do for us.

If you have been moved by this story, please show your support for our work with a donation. Every contribution helps us to help more people like Kevin.

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