facts and figures

Fine Cell Work gives these men dignity in work and through this, dignity in life. When a man gains self-respect he may start addressing his offensive behaviour". Officer, HMP Wandsworth

84,000 men and women

...are currently locked up in the prisons of England and Wales, according to Ministry of Justice figures

70% of convicted prisoners

...spend an average of 17 hours each day locked in their cells, and even longer on weekends and holidays

420 prisoners

...are trained by Fine Cell Work annually in 20 prisons in England and Wales

3-4 enquiries

...received every week from prisoners wanting to do Fine Cell Work (all our classes have waiting lists) and we also receive at least two enquiries from the Prison Service itself every month

20 hours

...is the number of hours per week, on average, our stitchers do embroidery in their cells. The highest earners stitch for as long as 40 hours

over £63,000

...was collectively earned by all FCW stitchers in 2013. Prisoners earn approximately 37% of the sale price of each piece

100 hours

...is the average time it takes to produce one of our products

95% of fcw stitchers

...are men! A fact many find surprising. This well reflects the fact that 96% of the prison population are men.

over 200 volunteers

...give us their time at events, in prison and at our head office. Of these...

over 40 volunteers

go into prisons every two weeks to teach and mentor the stitchers. All the teaching is carried out by qualified volunteers, without whose dedication and generosity Fine Cell Work could not exist

60% of FCW's income

...is from donations while the remaining 40% comes from sales

over 3,000 pieces

...were sold in 2013, including cushions, rugs and quilts

over 15,000 STITCHED ITEMS

...were sold since we started in 1997, including commissions for clients like the V&A, Tate and Royal Palaces