Whitworth Gallery - Cornelia Parker "Opposites" Commission


Cornelia Parker at the Whitworth Gallery, 14th February - 31st May

Saturday 14th February sees the opening of a new exhibition of British artist Cornelia Parker’s work, which includes a large new work commissioned from Fine Cell Work. The work consists of a series of embroidered wallhangings on the theme of “Opposites”, with the pieces embroidered on both sides, showcasing both the back and the front of our stitchers’ work. Definitions of opposing concepts are stitched onto each side of the fabric, with the front reading backwards and the back reading forwards. These works offer a fascinating glimpse into the process of embroidery and a break with convention, not only by revealing the back of the work, but by inviting the viewer to read the definitions from the back. This has been an extremely exciting project for FCW, and our stitchers have taken great pride in the pieces they have stitched.

The exhibition runs at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester until 31st May 2015; admission free.

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  • Nicola Lloyd WIlliams
    20 February 2015, 20:29

    Absolutely stunning pieces! The accuarcy in the stitched script is breathtaking but the overall look of each piece and as a collection is so pleasing. I couldn't believe that these were stitched on first sight. Script is so hard to get right - hard enough on paper but so much harder in needlework. Inspired. Held their own against everything else in the gallery by Cornelia Parker. Relaunched Whitworth is a joy! These should become part of the permanent textile collection.

  • Victoria Byrne
    05 August 2017, 13:43

    It was only on reading the above comment that I was prompted to have another look at the photo of the embroidered text. I had to zoom in very far to see that it really was sewn and not printed. What amazing skill.

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