Access to mainstream jobs key to reducing reoffending


Our Development Director Katy Emck wrote a report for Social Firms UK about Fine Cell Work’s experience of developing a social enterprise through training prisoners to do commercial craft work in their cells and extending these activities into prison workshops.

A series of case studies published today by Home Office, Social Firms UK and Clinks shows that social enterprises – in particular social firms- with their social as well as economic objectives, are well placed to offer ex-offenders employment, training and work experience that can lead to employment in the mainstream labour market; a significant factor in reducing reoffending.

Both new and existing social enterprises are making interventions assist offenders and ex-offenders to become more employable, to gain work experience and in some cases, offer permanent employment. In the process they are addressing other associated issues experienced by offenders, including homelessness, addiction, debt and family problems, to support people on their individual journeys to desistance from crime.

The case studies provide real-world examples of how social enterprises are offering tangible opportunities and a flexible, holistic approach: strategies the Government is keen to encourage in its Transforming Rehabilitation reforms.

Read Katy's report

Read Social Firms UK study

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