FCW at London Fashion Week


On 17 February 2014 top model Jan de Villeneuve took to the Catwalk in support of ethical luxury during London Fashion Week, wearing an outfit designed by Stamo one  of  the  directors  of  Ecoluxe London, featuring embroidered SWAG motif panels created by prison charity and social enterprise Fine Cell Work.  Jan De Villeneuve catwalk SWAG low res
“It was a privilege to be  on  the  Ecoluxe London catwalk  during  London  fashion  week, helping  to  promote   sustainable  luxury  with  an  ethos  as  well  as   the  fabulous  creative  embroidery   of  Fine  Cell  Work” says an enthusiastic Jan de Villeneuve, top model.

The show was the first ever sustainable luxury fashion show during London Fashion Week, and the first time that Fine Cell Work has collaborated with fashion designers.

Ongoing until 28 February there is an online silent auction to raise funds for Fine Cell Work which includes donations from Stella McCartney, Margaret Howell and Chloe.

Photocredits: Konstantinos Antonopoulos and the hair and make up artist: Lana Chikhireva.
The show took place on 17 February at Kingsway Hall, 66 Great Queen Street, Covent Garden.
The  dress, designed by Stamo is made  from 100% wool (UK) and the cape is made of snow camouflage. The fly ring and the rose  bracelet  are made by Bailey Tomlin using millinery technique.  

Ecoluxe London, launched by Miriam González Durántez - in September 2010, is a not-for-profit organisation supporting and promoting luxury with an ethos with their main event a biannual showcase during London Fashion Week.

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