Stitchers' award-winning designs on display


Two FCW stitchers have had their original work put on display as part of the prestigious annual Koestler exhibition of art by prisoners at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank.

Both men are part of our quilting group at Wandsworth and have had their work chosen from some 5,000 award-winners. They both also received special awards for textile art and needlework respectively. Featuring 150 works of art, the exhibition was curated this year by members of the Magistrates' Association.

Fine Cell Work stitchers across the country won several prizes in the Koestler Awards this year. Our quilters at Wandsworth alone received five prizes between them, including the top Platinum Award which carries prize money of £100.

Other winners include our stitchers at HMP Wymott, who worked together as a group to create a beautiful ‘Love Quilt’, and one of our longest-serving and most dedicated stitchers at HMP Whatton for his cushion cover design, 'Illusions'.

The 'Art by Offenders' show runs from September 22nd to November 20th. Open every day, free entry.

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