‘All handmade things are a privilege to own but to the thought of Alex making this quilt for a year brings me real joy. I hope he is very proud of making such a gorgeous thing". Commission quilt customer

 A commissioned quilt offers a distinctive way to make a family heirloom with an unusual provenance.

We work with a team of expert quilting volunteers and prisoners to produce a beautifully made one-off quilt of the highest quality based either on a traditional or contemporary design developed closely with the customer. We can utilise your own fabrics – including clothing, vintage pieces and bed linen  offering a meaningful way to turn these into a functional and beautiful quilt to be treasured for years to come. Alternatively we will work alongside you to select high quality fabrics to suit your preference and interior.

We are also happy to complete partly finished quilts for you, we recently made a double quilt and two single quilts from a customer's Great Aunts prolific hexagon patch makings.

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