Art & Public Commissions

The Quilt is a credit to the stitchers, yet in its simplicity we also feel some of their pain and understand that for them the quilt meant alot more than just a quilt.  It expresses their pain, worries and their everyday lives. Only those who stitch knows what goes on between the soul and the hand that stitches". V&A Quilt exhibition visitor

In 2010 we were commissioned by the V&A to produce a quilt as part of the phenomenally successful Quilts 1700-2010 exhibition, opened by Tracey Emin. The 'Wandsworth Quilt' was made at HMP Wandsworth over the course of a two year period and told the story of prison life. The quilt was seen by thousands of visitors to the exhibition. We received a large number of messages from those who were touched by the stories told in the patches.

Many of the women who were there were moved to tears by what they read on the quilt . They all knew what it means to sew - how you lose your self and it works out the stresses strains – a quilt is a ongoing cloth that absorbs feelings and in the end you have created peace in your soul and a fantastic piece of work" . V&A Quilt Commission customer

In 2011 and 2012 we worked with the artist Gavin Turk to embroider a number of his art pieces for the exhibition Gavin & Turk at the Ben Brown Gallery in London. We have also worked with artists such as Polly Borland, Edwardo Paolozzi and Simon Moretti to recreate artworks in stitch.

In the Sage Gateshead also hangs a embroidered wall hanging  measuring 3.5m x1.5m which was commissioned by the Jerwood  Foundation .  Two years in the making, ‘Bridging the Gap’ was worked on by 7 prisoners alongside the rug designer Sandy Jones and is a public expression of prisoners’ innovative design, vitality and creativity.

As well as these large scale pieces for public spaces Fine Cell Work has also produced a wall hanging for the reception of a firm of solicitors in Manchester, a piece for the waiting room at a dentist on Harley Street and a firescreen and embroidered record covers for the walls at Virgin Music HQ.

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